The Power of Mugwort Fire


Moxibustion, or Moxa for short, is an integral part of Acupuncture Clinical History. In Chinese Classics it is stated that to regulate the Energy mechanism we do need the heat and property of the Moxa (Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris) in order to balance dispersive tendencies of Acupuncture.

There are many types of Moxibustion and we will describe here the ones we use in the office:

Toonetskyu - Direct Moxibustion,

Very thin bits of Moxa, refined Mona punk, looks like golden coloured cotton. It is a very specialized technique and requires great skill of the practitioner to be performed correctly. Sometimes the patient will feel a slight hot sensation on the Acupuncture point where the moxa is being applied, this sensation goes away quickly. There are no known side effects (other than a clumsy Acupuncturist causing a small local burn) of moxibustion and a lot of health benefits (reference links below).

Chinetskyu Semi-Direct Moxibustion or Heat Percepti…

Najom Article: Special Series, Treating Children

July 2015 NAJOM
Miracles with Shonishin and Paediatric Acupuncture
by Katrianna Heigelmann

Many of us practitioners shy away from treating children. I was no exception, following the words of the famous physician Sun Si Miao (Tang 618-907): “better to treat 10 men than 1 woman, better to treat 10 women than 1 baby.”
The breakthrough usually happens when one becomes a parent and reaches out for more infor- mation and training in the treatment of children. Pediatrics class at a TCM college is just not enough. I found in my journey as an acupuncturist and mother that acupuncture, especially Japanese- style, offers much for our little ones.
Although chapters of the Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essentials of the Golden Cabinet) and Mai Jing Pulse Classics of the Han Dynasty were applied to pediatrics, the Song Dynasty Physician Qian Yi (circa 1032-1113) wrote the rst actual pediatrics manual. Qian Yi recognized children as unique beings with distinctive physiologies and pathophysiologies requiring speci…

Najom Article Special Series

Special Series: East Meets West
My experience from studying with some of the most renowned acupuncture teachers through- out the world is that we are all in the process of learning to be better practitioners. My teachers’ methods have always evolved over time, as have my own. I do not arbitrarily reject western medi- cal discoveries as being able to contribute to this process, but in actuality, I have found that my personal development as a practitioner has been due more to a careful study of the Oriental classics cited above. I hope to publish an account of what I have learned from studying these classics in the near future. Finally I would like to emphasize the point I made at the beginning: neither eastern nor western medicine is a superior discipline. They both have much to contribute to human health and welfare. Let’s just try not to reduce either approach to its complement. Healthcare is a big enough field to include both.
Peter Eckman, BSc, PhD, MD, Lic.Ac. completed his wester…

April Clinic Updates

Natural Movement Therapy  Classes are Back! Why should you join one of Dr. Hegillman's Natural Movement Therapy Classes? 

Because there is a reason for those body aches and pains, for the headaches, the stomach aches, the emotional aches... and doing Natural Movement Therapy is a whole lot better than visiting the doctors or taking more medications than you can count.  
Isnt it? 

Natural Movement Therapy by Dr. Hegillman utilizes the techniques of Sotai Hō, Medical Qi Gong, and Tai Chi to bring you an amazing recovery system for your body. Relaxing, simple and easily modified for all types of movers (or non-movers) this class can help you bring your body back to its natural alignment and ease mental and physical distress. 

Still not sure if you are ready to try it? 
All of our classes are available as drop ins! Victoria West Community Centre
Esquimalt Recreation Centre  

Join Dr. Hegillman in her Natural Movement Therapy Class designed using gentle movements and simple breathing techni…

Spring Clinic News: February and March

Spring Clinic News! Feb-March 2018 Natural Movement inspired by Asian Medicine Natural Movment isinspired by Medical Qi Gong, So Tai Ho by a Japanese Neurologist Dr. Hashimoto, and Master Massunaga Meridian Excercisses. They look almost like traditional Yoga Assanas, however the breath is design to regulate parasympathetic nervouse system and re-educale muscular-sceletal system as well as relieve past trauma memory on a cellular level. It teaches body moves that are healing five major internal organs and teach proper relaxing breathing technics.


Fridays 1:15 Esquimalt restarting March 2nd
Mondays 5:30 Esquimalt Centre Restarting April 9th
Thursdays 9am starting April 12th Vic West Community Centre.

Deals expire March 1st! 
Only few more days for package sav…

February 2018: Natural Movement Therapy

Natural Movement Therapy ANOUNCEMENT: please sign up for your class of interest, last call to sign up for the Friday class at 1:15. The new sessions are starting March 2nd.

Please go to
and choose Natural Movement Therapy to register for this class.
Below a complete summary of systems we worked on.
Please enjoy practicing!
If you have any question or would like more instuctional Videos please contact me at
Jessica will teach two next classes and than I am back with completely New Material!

See you in class!
Dr. Katrine B. Hegillman Warm up

We started with breath work and visualizations. Making sure to utilize our belly breathing and if you are comfortable, your ujjayi breath. Picturing that during each you take in new clean energy and move it around your body. Awakening your muscles and organs and providing yourself with a little boost in energy. As you breath in imagine the energy swirling around any part of your bod…