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Natural Movement Therapy

Esquimalt Community Centre
Esquimalt Recreation Centre- Oriental Movement Therapy
527 Fraser St,
Fridays 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Drop-ins welcomed!


Oriri Seminar for Practitioners: Introduction to Japanese Acupuncture Science and Tradition
September Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th 2019

​Dr. Hegillman presents: development of Japanese Acupuncture, Classical style and other
influences of Japanese Acupuncture, Moxibustion, ion Pumping Cords and SoTai Ho.

To put your name on the list please call or e-mail:


Island Parent Magazine: Shonishin

Focus Magazine: Dr Katrine Hegillman Nov Dec 2016
Victoria Focus Magazine: Dr Hegillman Sep 2017


NAJOM Volume 23, No. 68

Where We Are Going Is Where We Have Been: Considering an Integration of Eastern and Western Medicines.

NAJOM Volume 22 No. 64
Special Series: Treating Children

Clinical Newsletters:


October 2015
November 2015

New Year 
Summer Newsletter
Upcoming Fall
November Kalancho tincture and self acupressure
Christmas I
Products, Will & Intent 
Christmas II

January - Chinese New Year
February - St-Valentines Day March MSPHyaluronic acid and magnesium flakes
April- Spring News and wellness
June - Summer Heat
September- Shine Bright in September

February/March- Spring Clinic Updates
April- Clinic Updates - Natural Movement Therapy and Clinic Info

Natural Movement Therapy Class Recaps:

January 2017 - TM ClassWith videos of the Doctor !

March 9 TM classS hibashi, Tapping, Sotai, Medical Qi Gong for liver and digestion
Spring Sotai
April 6 Class Recap  Qi Gong, Sotai
April 13 Class Recap Qi Gong, Shibashi, Medical Qi Gong Healing Sounds
May 11th Class Recap Qi Gong, Shibashi, Medical Qi Gong Healing Sounds
June 13th Medical Qi Gong In Depth Medical Qi Gong Description Including Pictures 
June 15th TM Class Recap 
New Class this Summer 2017 Invitation to a new class of Therapeutic Movement
June 22nd TM Class Recap Qi Gong, Shibashi, Sotai
July 5th TM Class Recap Qi Gong, Shibashi Warm up, So Tai hō.
July 11th TM Class Recap Tai Chi, Healing Sounds, Shibashi, Sotai hō, Medical Qi Gong. Including demonstration videos. 
September 2017 - OMT Class

-------------------------------------2018 Natural Movement Therapy --------------------------------------------

February 2018- NMT Sotai, Medical Qi Gong, Stretch and Strength

March 2018- NMT Sotai, Medical Qi Gong, Stretch and Strength
April 2018- NMT Sotai, Medical Qi Gong, Stretch and Strength, 5 Tibetans...

QiGong Class Recaps:

September 2017 - OMT Class


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