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Oriri Acupuncture And Herbal Medicine Centre

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a way of seeing our surrounding environment and it is an understanding that percolates into all aspects of life.

     Traditional Chinese Medicine offers individualized analysis and treatment based on pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, abdominal palpation and palpation of the meridians and acupuncture points. In my practice I like to primarily use pulse and abdomen diagnoses as they give me the clearest feedback in terms of how I am progressing in the treatment of the various ailments.

Japanese Acupuncture revives the most authentic and ancient methods of practice. It is almost a form of Art that balances moxibustion with metal needles. It has also evolved on its own and through the influence of Japanese Culture, such as with the aspect of great attention to detail in diagnosis and performed treatment.

Personally, as a patient, I enjoy hands on treatments and therefore, I strive to deliver personalized and very hands on treatments that are based on those abdominal diagnoses and pulse readings. The abdomen and pulse of the patient has to improve within the same session. This is how I know, and can demonstrate to the patient, the progression of the treatment and their healing process. It is also a great way of demonstrating to the patient how their health is. They can feel the difference in areas that were previously tight or painful improve, even within a single session.

Acupressure is a part of my Acupuncture sessions as well, I find massage most effective in its ability to detect blockages and to better illuminate the patient's underlying condition. As a side benefit, massage relaxes the patient and makes the treatment and even more soothing experience.


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