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Spring Clinic News: February and March

Spring Clinic News! Feb-March 2018
Natural Movment is inspired by Medical Qi Gong, So Tai Ho by a Japanese Neurologist Dr. Hashimoto, and Master Massunaga Meridian Excercisses. They look almost like traditional Yoga Assanas, however the breath is design to regulate parasympathetic nervouse system and re-educale muscular-sceletal system as well as relieve past trauma memory on a cellular level. It teaches body moves that are healing five major internal organs and teach proper relaxing breathing technics.


Fridays 1:15 Esquimalt restarting March 2nd
Mondays 5:30 Esquimalt Centre Restarting April 9th
Thursdays 9am starting April 12th Vic West Community Centre.
Deals expire March 1st! 
Only few more days for package savings deals. Pre-pay five treatment receive one treatment with no charge. 
Buy 3/ 1h sessions and get 
all three extended to 1h 15, and 3 herb bottles/supplements free.

The package is especially attractive for regular patients, if the whole family is in our practice it can be shared among family members, or simply save money especially if you do not have coveridge.

BlueCross patients, we have great news for you! In March we should have  direct billing lined up for you.
We are very exited about this and hope to open more partnerships with other insurance companies in the future.


Thank you for all your e-mails, texts and phone calls wishing me swift recovery. Surgery went well and I am recovering at very good rate. I had a privilege to be treated by fine medical team. I am very grateful for their efforts and your kindness. 


Esquimalt Farmers Market – save the next date: March 29th!
Join us for our Farmers Market offerings; we have some new Children's Medicinal teas: 
and our old oldies but goodies: Oriri Black coffee substitute, Oriri Chai classic, Oriri Gold Turmeric Ginger plus bland and many more. We have also new version of our cream, Amber Tincture, Rose Water, Sandal Wood Water, Moroccan Eucaliptus Black Soap, Moroccal Argan Oil, Anti-Aging Serum.



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