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The power of Mugwort Fire

The Power of Mugwort Fire


Moxibustion, or Moxa for short, is an integral part of Acupuncture Clinical History. In Chinese Classics it is stated that to regulate the Energy mechanism we do need the heat and property of the Moxa (Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris) in order to balance dispersive tendencies of Acupuncture.

There are many types of Moxibustion and we will describe here the ones we use in the office:

Toonetskyu - Direct Moxibustion,

Very thin bits of Moxa, refined Mona punk, looks like golden coloured cotton. It is a very specialized technique and requires great skill of the practitioner to be performed correctly. Sometimes the patient will feel a slight hot sensation on the Acupuncture point where the moxa is being applied, this sensation goes away quickly. There are no known side effects (other than a clumsy Acupuncturist causing a small local burn) of moxibustion and a lot of health benefits (reference links below).

Chinetskyu Semi-Direct Moxibustion or Heat Perception Moxibustion.

A cone of less refined moxa punk is placed on an Acupuncture Point and it is taken off when

KyutoShin Needle head Moxibustion

Moxa Africa Organization gives a great example of how useful Moxibustion can be to our health and how simple techniques can help to improve the quality of life of people in impoverished areas.

Who they are:


The patient is taught how to perform Moxibustion on selected acupuncture points that have been proven to be effective to treat and prevent Tuberculosis, maintain decent life style for those effected by HIV as well as help to treat and prevent Malaria. 

More can be found in the book:

Their Mission:

"To investigate the use of moxibustion therapy as an adjunctive treatment of tuberculosis, including drug resistant tuberculosis, particularly in resource-poor environments in the twenty first century."

For more information here is an article from National institute of Health about the Moxibustion;

The Mechanism of Moxibustion: Ancient Theory and Modern Research


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