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Dear Diary,

Are you keeping track of your:

Diet - Mood - Creativity - Supplements - Clinical Herbs - Energy levels & Quality of sleep?

Dr. Katrine suggests keeping a wellness diaryor a pocket calendar with some of your health facts; ladies probably most, keep a note of their cycles, however, what about: food and nutrition intake, bowel movements, mood changes, exercise and sleep? 

What supplements are you taking, what herbs, does it feel overwhelming to take so many, or do you forget to take them at all?

It might be quite an eye opening process to keep a tab on those activities and reflect upon them to access how we feel!

These are critical things to be monitoring to ensure optimal health and well being!

From the desk of Dr. Hegillman:

Studying Functional Medicine, chapter by chapter I see how much Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine have in common.

Both practices are searching for a template that views body as a living, constantly evolving mechanism in its environment, not merely "an organ" in medicine but an "organism medicine".

"This perspective is completely congruent with what we might call the “omics” revolution. Formerly, scientists believed that once we deciphered the human genome we would be able to answer almost all the questions about the origins of disease.What we actually learned, however, is that human biology is far more complex than that. In fact, humans are not genetically hardwired for most diseases; instead, gene expression is altered by myriad influences, including environment, lifestyle, diet, activity patterns, psycho-social-spiritual factors, and stress.These lifestyle choices and environmental exposures can push us toward (or away from) disease by turning on—or off— certain genes.That insight has helped to fuel the global interest in Functional Medicine, which has that principle at its very core." (IFM Introductory course.)
The following example demonstrates how we still are learning from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My example involves story about poop. Yes, human excrements.

C. difficile is a bacterial infection and it can be lethal. In US alone, 30 thousand patients die of a bad case of this infection.

In the 50's there was a hospital that was treating heavy cases of C.dif. unfortunately, many died. A nurse working there had a Chinese neighbour, when she finished work, her and the neighbour met for tea. They shared the stress of work and the symptoms of the patients that the nurse was coming in contact with. The Chinese lady exclaimed, "we have this disease in China too! We treat it with the Yellow Dragon soup!"

Well, the yellow dragon soup was a stool specimen from a relatively healthy individual that was diluted and served as oral liquid to a sick individual. The patient was cured each time. The nurse went to the chief doctor and shared this story. They followed the example with the same treatment and every patient recovered!
This is how the Fecal Transplant Treatment was born in the west. Since then, the FDA has regulated it and restricted it making it unavailable to the public. The treatment method is only allowed in Patients who are undergoing research. The specimen is administered as a freeze dried material in capsule form orally, through colonoscopy, endoscopy or enema. It has shown to be beneficial in many GI diseases.

As we at Oriri don't do this type of treatment it is interesting that it shows in Chinese Literature 1700 BC.


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