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Let There Be Light!!

Let there be light!

The quantum physics light behavior experiment, that has been repeatedly conducted since the very first time by Prof. Bohr, shows: light particles rearrange themselves differently depending if they are" being watched". What does it mean? The viewer influences the behavior of the light? The implication of this statement might have profuse meaning as well as change how we look at the life.
Looking with intent of love, gratitude and compassion can change the 'object' that is being observed. In essence, the Buddism and other Philosophies suggest, the fabric of life is made of compassion and love. Please watch Gregg Braiden Ph.D. series of Missing Links on if you want to know more!

Acupuncture Energy Channels, as proven by Dr. Manaka, can conduct the ions (positive and negative), collect them and distribute them, this means they must conduct light as well. Again we know that with infrared producing techique, called Moxibustion. We can see through an infrared camera how the effect travels in the tissues and meridians. There is amazing potential in creating trust within the scientific community and patients themselves showing very tangible effects of Acupuncture and Moxibustion as well as potentially measuring it!


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