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Shonishin Children's Needle - The Story

The beauty of Shonishin treatment is we do not need to use needles.

When did I really realized the therapeutic power of the Shonishin was observing world reknown Ikeda Sensei treating a boy for scull deformity.

It is designed to find a childs constitutional weakness and treat just that, like jiksa puzzles everything corrects itself.

It looks a bit like waving a magic wand (enshin needle with round tip) that touches, massages, and gently presses on the acupuncture points.
It is a very gentle and fun event. Children often want to participate in pressing and probing trying out my paediatric tools, that frankly look like toys!

The most significant changes I have seen with Shonishin was a girl I treated for Turner syndrome years ago in Morocco. She has improved so much that her Doctor requested a DNA test to prove that  she has had a Turner syndrome in the first place! Her diarrhea subsided, her BM became regular, she started to excel at school and she became much more calm and balanced. Her intelligence shines, I heard her translating form English to French to Arabic back and forth to help me communicate with my Moroccan baby sitter. Her Mom was very pleased. 

Another mazing story I would like to share is a little boy I have treated with history of gastroschisis.
When his Mom started to bring the boy it was originally for lack of growth, proper weight gain and generally slow physical development. With a few surgical interventions to the abdomen constipation was a worry as well. After three months of regular sessions, she noticed that her son had almost doubled the weight! So much so she needed to buy him a new clothes and even a size up in shoes. 


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